Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill

To help accelerate your pet’s recovery in a safe and fun, temperature-controlled environment.

Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill

To help accelerate your pet’s recovery in a safe and fun, temperature-controlled environment.

Welcome to K9 Hydrotherapy

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a safe and controlled form of exercise and rehabilitation.

By exercising underwater, the weight of your pet is supported and this reduces the risk of aggravating joints or limbs.

The water also creates gentle resistance to help strengthen muscles with minimal discomfort.

Hydrotherapy helps to speed up recovery for post-surgical patients or slow down the progression or degenerative conditions.  It can also help with re-education of normal gait for spinal or neurological conditions.

Hydrotherapy can reduce swelling, stiffness and improve range of motion.  Circulation, cardiovascular fitness and endurance can also be enhanced.

For pets that have acquired an injury or undergone surgery, this form of exercise can be implemented earlier and therefore significantly reduce recovery time.


How it works?

K9 Hydrotherapy provides one-on-one consultations with our highly skilled staff members.  Each treatment will be tailored to your pets needs by adjusting the speed, water level and intensity of the exercise.  This allows us to treat dogs of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

The temperature of the water is regulated and kept at a constant warm level which can help to decrease pain and increase mobility.

To utilise this service please contact your veterinary clinic to arrange a referral or cntact us directly.

Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy


Hip and elbow dysplasia


Spinal injuries


Cruciate ligament problems




Muscle wastage




Rehabilitation after surgery,

especially for conditions involving bones, ligaments or nerves


Conditioning prior to surgery

to improve muscle tone and blood flow to the injured site.


Weight management


Improving heart and lung function


Improving mobility in older dogs


Increasing or maintaining fitness,

stamina and muscle tone for working and show dogs.

Why choose us?

Hydrotherapy in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury.


purpose-designed facilites and equipment.

Trained veterinary nurses on staff

qualified in providing the highest level of care for your pet.

Conveniently located

a few minutes away from Launceston Airport.

We ensure a friendly, safe, comfortable,

clean and fun environment for your pet at all times.

I own a very active/ highly strung jack Russell Toby who recently tore his cruciate and required surgery. My vet clinic recommended K9 hydrotherapy as part of his rehabilitation process. I had never heard of hydrotherapy for dogs and was a little sceptical at first but the vets encouraged me to give it a try. Within three sessions with Anna Toby was coming out of the water using all 4 legs. Toby loves his swimming sessions and is continuing to improve.

I would defiantly recommend Anna’s k9 hydrotherapy to others and I cant thank her enough for the love, attention and care she gave to our Toby.

Jack Russell Toby

My partner and I recently adopted a 3 year old beagle called Dodge, beautiful boy but unfortunately came to us very very overweight. Straight away we started him on a strict diet and regular exercises but the weight wasn’t coming off. I was scrolling on facebook one day and came across the k9 hydrotherapy page. With nothing to lose I thought I would give it a go.

I got in touch with Anna, who straight away put me at ease, I found her to be very caring and knowledgeable. Now with a controlled diet and regular swims with Anna, Dodge has a new lease on life! I believe the hydrotherapy has made a huge difference, Dodge is now very active and looks a million bucks. Can not speak highly enough of Anna and would recommend her business to my friends.

Beagle Dodge

My darling boy Benny is getting on a bit and was starting to have trouble with his hind legs – soreness/stiffness/pain and had become very lethargic and would much prefer laying out on the couch. A friend of mine recommended k9 hydrotherapy and it sounded great so I gave them a call. Very friendly and helpful staff and they were able to book me in that week.

And what can I say… Benny is a completely different dog! He is now able to go for his daily walks and loves coming to his regular hydro appointments, which is a real credit to Anna and her team. I am very impressed with the set up and the affection and care my dog was shown. I now have a happier, healthier best friend that has had years added onto his life. Very impressed !!


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